What Should I Do In Maui For 4 Days?

What should you not miss on Maui?

Best Things To Do in Maui#1.

Road to Hana.

Road to Hana.



Helicopter Tours.

Helicopter Tours.

#2 in Maui.


Kaanapali Beach.

Kaanapali Beach.



Snorkeling Tours.

Snorkeling Tours.


Haleakala National Park.

Haleakala National Park.


Napili Beach.

Napili Beach.


Wailea Beach.

Wailea Beach.


Waianapanapa State Park.

Waianapanapa State Park.More items….

How much does it cost to rent a car on Maui?

Car rental prices in MauiMinivan$47/dayStandard$34/dayFull-size SUV$49/dayPremium$36/dayEconomy$30/day8 more rows

What is open in Maui for tourists?

All beaches and parks are open. Most natural attractions (like Haleakala National Park) and hiking trails are open. Many shops, restaurants, and activities have already reopened (like Mala Ocean Tavern restaurant in Lahaina–pictured here). The tourism closure on Maui has been extremely challenging for local businesses.

Is Maui better than Oahu?

While larger in size (the second largest island in Hawaii to be exact), Maui’s population is significantly less than Oahu. … Oahu: Hawaii is home to hundreds of beaches, and many of those are in Oahu. Waikiki Beach is arguably the most famous beach in not only Oahu but Hawaii as a whole.

How many days in Maui is enough?

You can still get a flavor Maui even if you just visit for one day. However, as a minimum, try to plan 3 to 5 days in Maui. This will give you the opportunity to experience some of the very best places and activities and get a really good idea of what Maui is about.

What should I do in Maui for 3 days?

10 places to visit in Maui in 3 daysHaleakala National Park, summit area. To hike in a volcano crater!Hookipa Beach. To hopefully see turtles and seals!Maluaka Beach aka Turtle Town. … Haleakala National Park, Kipahulu area. … Waianapanapa State Park. … Road to Hana waterfalls. … Olivine pools. … Kahakuloa Bay lookout.More items…

Is it cheaper to go to Oahu or Maui?

Oahu vs Maui: Cost While prices are looking lower for 2021 (read our breakdown of how much a trip to Hawaii will cost), it’s still an expensive trip. … In fact, for a one week vacation, Oahu comes in 28% cheaper than Maui. Of course, you can find cheap places to stay on Maui and expensive places to stay on Oahu.

Is 5 days in Maui enough?

Visiting Maui for 5 days is not enough, but it is a good length of time to see the highlights, or for a first trip. … There are an abundance of things to do in Maui, as it truly is a Hawaiian treasure of an island. You will most definitely never get bored, and you will see the most beautiful sights.

Is Road to Hana worth it?

The Hana Highway is great from a car, but to appreciate it, you’re going to have to stop frequently, get out of the car, and in some cases, walk or hike a bit to see things. … The highway is beautiful from a car window, but it cuts down on its “worth” in our book if you aren’t likely to step outside the car.

Do I need a jacket in Maui?

For the most part, you will want warm weather clothes- shorts and t-shirts or short sleeve shirts, plus a skirt or sundress for ladies. However, many people don’t realize the need for warm layers on Maui.

Is 4 days in Maui enough?

4 days is not enough. You need at least 5-6 days to enjoy Maui. It’s never enough time. We stayed for 8 nights last week and wanted to stay a couple of days longer.

What is the best month to go to Maui?

The best times to visit Maui are April through May and September through November. The spring and fall shoulder seasons provide the pleasant weather Hawaii vacationers seek without the high rates and heavy crowds that accompany the summer and winter.

Do I need a car in Maui?

Do I need a car to get around on Maui? You can get around Maui by shuttle, tour bus, taxi or public transportation. But to really experience Maui, you should consider reserving a rental car in advance from the Kahului or Kapalua airports.

Is Road to Hana dangerous?

Road to Hana is not dangerous if you are cautious and don’t speed. However, some inexperienced drivers may find it intimidating because of the combination of narrow and twisty roads, 100-to-300-foot cliffs, frequent rain, dark conditions at night, and that many sections don’t have guard rails.

Is there Uber in Maui Hi?

Right now, there are two options for Uber on Maui, uberx (a basic four-door car) and uberSELECT (a luxury vehicle), and Maui riders are using these as an alternative to renting a vehicle, taking a taxi or bus.

How do you get around Maui without a rental car?

How to Vacation on Maui Without Renting a CarGetting to and from the airport: Airport shuttle vans are usually less expensive than a taxi. … Bus service to other parts of Maui: Maui has very limited bus service. … Where to stay so you can walk: … Taxis, Uber, Lyft: … Tour vans: … Private guides:

What is the best side of Maui to stay on?

west sideSo some people feel that the west side is the best area to stay in Maui. However, the south side has the advantage of slightly less rain in the winter. Kihei (the condo area of the south side) has more family restaurants than the condo area of the west side.

What is Maui best known for?

Maui, known also as “The Valley Isle,” is the second largest Hawaiian island. The island beloved for its world-famous beaches, the sacred Iao Valley, views of migrating humpback whales (during winter months), farm-to-table cuisine and the magnificent sunrise and sunset from Haleakala.