Question: What Are The Top 5 Challenges Of India & World As A Whole Give Your Answer In 5 Separate Points?

Will India be developed?

In terms of Human Development Index, India ranked at 103, while China, South Korea, Singapore, and the US rank at 86, 22, 9 and 13, respectively.

Despite all odds, India is expected to remain the fastest growing emerging market economy and the economy is expected to grow at 7.5 per cent in the next three years..

What are the challenges for India?

Here are the eight challenges that India is facingWorsening Water Nightmare. India is facing the worst water crisis in history. … Fake News Menace. … Agrarian Catastrophe. … Political Arrogance. … Flood Mismanagement. … Unemployment. … Pending Justice. … Poor Policing.

What are the challenges faced by India after independence?

The nation has faced religious violence, casteism, naxalism, terrorism and regional separatist insurgencies. India has unresolved territorial disputes with China which in 1962 escalated into the Sino-Indian War, and with Pakistan which resulted in wars in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999.

What are the major challenges to the working of democracy in India Class 9?

These challenges may include: social and economic inequalities, poverty and unemployment, Illiteracy and ignorance, casteism, communalism, population explosion, regionalism, corruption and terrorism, etc. India needs to develop new proposals to reform democracy.

What will India future?

By 2030, urban India will account for nearly 75% of the GDP and Indian cities will act as engines of economic growth for the country’s built environment. … By 2025, the digital economy is expected to account for approximately 18-23% of the total GDP.

What are the biggest challenges before India?

In spite of all these achievements, several formidable challenges remain: exploding population, widespread poverty, illiteracy, squalor, ruptures and cleavages based on region, religion, language and gender-threatening the social fabric, urban congestion, wounded eco-systems and critical power and energy situation.

What problems will India face in the future?

Population Growth India ranks second after China in its total population. Its population has grown 20% per decade, leading to problems that include food deficits, sanitation deterioration, and pollution. Although economic growth numbers look promising, the living standards of most citizens are not changing.

What are the top 5 challenges of India & world as a whole?

With inflation high, growth slowing and a need to bolster investor confidence, India faces seven key challenges.Education and skills. … Urbanization. … Health. … Sanitation. … Gender. … Water scarcity. … Transparency.

What are the most difficult challenge faced by independent India?

povertyThe most important and difficult challenge faced by the government of independent India is poverty. Some other challenges are : Impowerment of the poor.

What are the three challenges of nation building?

The Three Challenges. Background to Independence. The Three Challenges. Reorganization of the States.

Can you explain any five challenges and problems faced by Indian democracy?

Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment are still in existence most parts of India. Caste and gender discrimination continues to prevail in Indian Society, slackening advancement and development. Rampant corruption, red tapism, delays in public justice are weakening the foundation of Democracy.

What is the biggest problem India is facing?

Lack of skills. Lack of access to quality education. Lack of employment opportunities, which can be attributed to the failure of government. Overpopulation leads to more competition for the same number of jobs.

What are the top 10 problems in the world?

Below are the top-10 most concerning world issues, according to millennials.Religious conflicts (23.9%)Government accountability and transparency / corruption (22.7%) … Food and water security (18.2%) … Lack of education (15.9%) … Safety / security / well being (14.1%) … Lack of economic opportunity and unemployment (12.1%) … More items…•

What were the two major challenges that India faced immediately after independence?

what were the two major challenges that india faced immediately after independence?As a result of partition, 300 million refugees had come into India from what was now Pakistan. … Then there was the problem of princely states, almost 500 of them, each ruled by a raja or nawab, had to be persuaded to join the nation.More items…•

What problems will India face in next 10 years?

In conclusion, the biggest challenge for India in the next ten years is to control poverty and ensure education for all. The government, local administration and citizens should all participate and contribute to eliminating illiteracy and controlling rampant population growth.

What are the three challenges of democracy Class 10?

The three main challenges are the Foundational challenge, the Challenge of expansion and the challenge of Deepening of democracy.

What are the biggest challenges before India Class 9?

Answer: Providing healthcare, education and job security for all and achieving gender equality and dignity for the poor are the bigger challenges before India.

What do you think is the biggest threat to the growth and development of India?

Even after 68 years of independence, the scenario of India is not good, due to over population. It has become a threat for the development in India. The growth of population has a direct effect on the living standards of people. … The rapidly growing population in India has led to the problem of shortage of food supply.